About Our Blog

The goal of our blog is to keep family and friends updated on our whereabouts and to share our experiences aboard as we spend several years traveling in the Caribbean aboard the Mar Azul.  Since our internet access is unpredictable, this won’t be a daily blog.  We will try to post our current location as often as we can, and will upload details and pictures when we find good connections.

Entries are posted in reverse chronological order.  To see older posts, check out the Archives folder, or refer to the Calendar widget on the right.

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We hope you enjoy following along!

Elaine & Bob




  1. sounds like you are having funnnnnnn……………

  2. Hi Elaine
    We are settled in our townhome now and will remain here forever if possible. Roy and I are well. Please keep in touch with me.
    Love Cheryl

  3. Wow, what an adventure!! So glad you are keeping in touch. We have also moved and are now living in Spring Branch Texas about 30 miles North of San Antonio. I am semi-retired (still doing some contact work) and Janet works as a research nurse. We often think of the time we went sailing and the enjoyable time we had. We recently went to Maine to go on a Windjammer tour and had a great time. Let us know if you ever head over to Corpus Christi and we’ll meet you there.
    Bert and Janet

  4. Bob and Elaine – Wishing you both a happy new year full of fun and new adventures. Mary and I are hoping to get down that way in 2012

  5. Hi Bob & Elaine,

    We last met at the DeFever Rendezvous before your departure. Don Cavin and I have Cavara, a DeFever 49RPH. Don is hoping to get “early out” from Delta in late fall 2012 and we are finally moving onto the boat! We have been working on her for 3 years and still got tons to do!

    We often talk of you and are so impressed with your “get up and go” attitude and cruising accomplishments! You and Elaine are an inspiration to us! We will be following your blog, but hope to catch up with you somewhere too! We are planning on doing the same route about 2-3 years from now. But to start our adventure we hope to make our way to the Bahamas for April & May 2013. If you get the DeFever Forum you can reach Don on there. We shall be following you from here on in! Bon voyage!

    • Hi Barb & Don,

      Thanks for the kind words. Our trip has been fun and a great learning experience.

      Good luck with your boat projects and moving aboard. That was probably our toughest task. You will love the 49RPH and there are some days we wish we had gone with that design. We use our lower helm out here much more than we did in FL and the pilot house layout has some great features.

      Hope to meet up with you guys too, although as it looks now we will get back into FL about next year this time. We will shoot Don an email and look forward to staying in touch!

      Elaine & Bob

  6. Hope this is not the end of most interesting blog. Loved following your journey

  7. Dear Sir, I would Like follow you here in Finland in DF 44 Pegasus deck



  8. Hello,
    with huge interest we read you artice about your batterie setup.
    we are just going to switch our boat to lithium power. Now that you got some years of experiance, we would like to know how it worked out?
    – are the cells you once installed still performing?
    – Is there anything we should know additional?

    If possible send us an email:


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