Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | June 4, 2017

Moving On


We always intended to continue cruising.  Maybe spend time in the Chesapeake where we got our start in sailing.  Perhaps visit Maine, Nova Scotia, or travel some of the Great Loop route that DeFever boats often do.  We like to stay in warm climates and prefer a slow travel pace with time to spare in our destinations.  We just couldn’t figure out the logistics to make another big cruise appealing to both of us and fit with our other priorities.   So we decided to move on to different adventures.

Mar Azul was lucky to find new owners, Rosie & Bruce, and hopefully she will fulfill their cruising dreams.  She traveled over 700 miles from St. Petersburg, Florida to a beautiful river location at their home in South Carolina.  She has been renamed “Summer Breeze” and is getting some well deserved spa time in preparation for future cruises.  You can follow their adventures at:

As for us, we have taken the path of many former boaters and decided it was time to join the growing ranks of RVers.  We purchased a motorhome, aka “Rosy Roads” and will pursue travels ashore.  We’re still figuring all this out.  It probably won’t be nearly as exciting as our adventures at sea, but you are welcome to follow along at:




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