Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | June 4, 2013

Time to Go

N 16° 21.61′   W 86° 26.34′

Roatán, Honduras.


Fantasy Island – one of our favorite stops along the way

We need to get back into serious passage-making mode.   Hurricane season is here and unless we want to stay in Honduras for the summer we have positively got to get moving. Roatan offers decent geographical protection from a major hurricane, with the mainland to the south, many mangrove harbors and fewer boats to complicate a storm shelter. According to the historical tropical weather statistics this is a better place to be than most locations in Florida. It wouldn’t be hard to talk me into staying. But it’s time for the Mar Azul to move on.

The weather models are fluctuating more than usual, influenced by a passing tropical wave.  Travel windows appear, shorten then disappear. We were looking at leaving Thursday which quickly changed to Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.  We are ready to roll.  Well, almost.  Captain Bob is up to his usual last minute engine room chores and I’m still finishing up passage meals and cabin security details.

We don’t have super high expectations for this passage. It would have been great to find something better than 3 – 6 foot seas on a worsening forecast for a two night/three day trip.  I am hoping conditions will turn out to be on the light side of the forecast, but you know how that goes. We never thought this particular segment would be a problem.

We’ll catch up with you in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Wish us luck!


Jerry, Marina Manager/Harbourmaster and Bob. Jerry was a fabulous host during our time in Roatan. The Fantasy Island Marina hospitality was tops!


I’m going to miss this place and the beautiful people I met on Roatan. It’s going to be another sad departure, darn it. Photo courtesy of Captain Doug.



  1. Happy safe sailing. I have been keeping up with you guys. Two years seem to have gone by very fast. Is Bob going back to flying?
    I plan to fly to Oshkosh in July. Call when you get home. Sam Broady

    • Sam, you are so right. Those two years have flown by! Yes, Bob hopes to get back to flying. Oshkosh is something he has always wanted to experience. Enjoy and safe travels!! He will give you a ring.

  2. Oh no.. you’re really leaving? Who am I supposed to dive with on my next visit to Fantasy Island (maybe that cute waitress)? Blue Skies and Fair Seas!

  3. Elaine, Bob and puppies have a safe trip
    Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you on this side soon!

    • Thanks, Terry. We are thinking maybe 3 – 6 weeks until St. Pete arrival depending on weather and if we stop in the Keys/Ft. Myers/Sarasota or just travel direct. Can’t wait!

  4. Godspeed. Looking forward to reading about a nice passage.

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