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The Grenada Photo Safari

N 12° 02.6′   W 61° 44.8′

St. George’s, Grenada.


Bob was occupied with the new battery installation and I decided to do some sightseeing.  There was not much I could help with and I was getting anxious to take advantage of our limited time on the island.

While my friend Dustin was aboard recently I realized I was not doing justice to our voyage with my photos. Dustin, an avid photo hobbyist,  expanded my awareness of the opportunities I was missing and encouraged me to pursue more instruction. So I was thrilled to find Tony, a professional photographer who offers Grenada island tours combined with personal photography instruction.

My friends Deb on Renegade and Pollie on Motivator joined me for this adventure. They are talented photographers and while they used the time to brush up on the advanced features of their equipment, I worked on the basics – like how to best stand and hold the camera and how to compose a more pleasing shot. We covered a lot of ground in one day, and although the weather was not picture-perfect I was pleased with the results.  

What do you think?

We departed Port Louis Marina for a full-day driving tour. Right-sided steering wheels and left-hand side driving in Grenada are two more compelling reasons to use a guide when touring the island.


We started on the south side of the island where Tony assessed our skills. While my comrades were making beautiful pictures from roadside cows, iguanas and deserted dwellings I found myself struggling with the artistic elements required to make the picture tell the story. This shot required a lot of pointers and didn’t utilize the natural light as nicely as the one Pollie captured. Still, it was better than the first attempt!

Next we visited St. George’s, the main port and capital city. A rare hurricane (Ivan in 2004) devastated much of the island but the city was rebuilt preserving the colorful, traditional architecture.


Up the hills and through the brush to explore the best vistas


St. George’s busy harbor. We wished for bluer skies, but were happy the prior day’s deluge had subsided.


A scenic drive along the western coast with many stops and photo opps


The Carriacou ferry paralleled our northbound track


Fisherman near the village of Gouyave, known for its seafood and “Fish Fridays”



A stop at a cocoa processing facility provided many coaching opportunities


Love this photo (unintentional as I experimented with the camera’s burst function) of Deb following Tony’s suggestion to lie down to get the best shot.


We practiced convincing the sometimes reticent locals to participate as subjects. This very photogenic man at the cocoa plant was most cooperative.


He approved of Deb’s efforts


Mangoes (above), papaya, breadfruit, avocado, callaloo, cocoa, bananas and nutmeg were some of the delicacies we saw growing along our route

The northern coast, a lunch stop at Petite Anse and some rewarding practice at this breathtaking location


One of the many mellow island dogs


On to Sauteurs and Carib’s Leap, where according to legend the last of the island’s Carib Natives jumped to their deaths from the high cliff rather than surrender to French invaders. The island has a strong French as well as British heritage with possession changing several times over the island’s history.


A late afternoon stop at Lake Antoine, formed on the crater of an extinct volcano on the northeast side of the island


Last stop: River Antoine Rum Factory – closed for the day, but found some interesting photo opportunities here. We must return for the tour and tasting.



Back to Port Louis after a winding trek through the mountainous rainforest. I get bad marks for this photo – better planning for a group photo would have improved the result. Still, I’m happy we captured this moment.


What I learned:

  1. Grenada certainly fulfills the “most photogenic island” tag.  Opportunities abound to capture the spirit of this beautiful and fascinating island in pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have much to improve upon. Yet another challenging right-brain endeavor for this left-brain oriented person. I am grateful to Tony for his excellent coaching. 

  3. The mountain road between Grenville and St. George’s was the toughest passage I’ve had in a while.  Next drive across the island I’ll bring the seasickness meds. 




  1. Love the pictures! You too, will soon be a published photographer! Have I told you about my pictures in the October 2006 Caribbean Travel & Leisure! HA!HA! What a beautiful island! Thank you for sharing!

    We just returned from St. Maarten, where we met a man at the SBYC, who was moving the “Dotty B” from Key West to Dominaca for a friend. I told him about your adventure and he says that he knows you & Bob well! Sadly, I can’t remember his name. Just that he was on the Dotty B…

    Keep the pictures coming! THANK YOU!

    • Glen, you take the best pictures! You would have loved the tour and beautiful Grenada. Going to regret not budgeting more time for this island and I hope to return one day.

      Hmm . . . the only delivery captain that comes to mind was a Captain John we met while in Marigot?

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