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N 18° 03.77′   W 63° 05.31′

Simpson Bay Lagoon, Marigot, St. Martin


  “Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”   –  Eleanor Roosevelt


The last two weeks have been a joy.  I am feeling sad now that all our friends have departed the island and the crew count is back to 2 humans and 2 canines. Last night Bandit peered wistfully down the forward stairs and sniffed, hoping that she might find someone hidden away in the dark cabin.   

We had some wonderful quality time and our guests all seemed to enjoy themselves.  The awesome destinations and almost perfect weather perhaps made up for the inconveniences of the modest accommodations aboard.  It helped that everyone had a good idea of what to expect and all were very flexible.

We hope more friends and family will be able to rendezvous with us along the way. 

Steve and Jean reluctantly said goodbye to beautiful Grand Saline and we spent a few hours in Gustavia, St. Barts. Steve secured the desired passport stamp from the very pleasant port official to document his visit to the island.


Gustavia harbor is crowded but pristine and hosts mega yachts and small vessels alike. Lots of affluence here, very low crime, a one of a kind place in this world. The harbor can become untenable in certain weather so a visit here requires careful planning. Thanks to Captain Ahab, who hiked to the top of the hill for this photo.


Spent a night at Anse de Colombier, a beautiful anchorage filled with small vessels, a couple of mega yachts, and some enthusiastic racing sailors perfecting their skills maneuvering in tight quarters with the fresh breeze. Steve and Jean hiked the steep hill to Flamands and the town of Colombier.


This unusual and for a moment, sobering cloud marked sunset at Colombier


The trip back to St. Martin through shallow waters was a bit rough with waves on the beam and Bandit and I were happy to crash on deck with two of my favorite Captains - Bly & Ahab - capably managing the ship


We met Doug, our next arrival, at Turtle Pier. As a pilot he was able to get here via jump seat privileges and all the connections worked out as planned. He greeted us at the dinghy dock.


Glen, visiting by land, joined us at Turtle Pier to welcome his brother. Turtle Pier graciously allows boaters to use their docks for airport drop-offs and pick-ups, and the expected practice is to purchase a few refreshments in exchange for the courtesy.


Mardi Gras Carnival festivities marked Doug's arrival and when we got back to the boat the music was so deafening we could barely have a conversation. The festivities continued through the night in Marigot, with a smaller parade in Grand Case. Glen and Denise gave us a ride to Grand Case and that was an adventure in itself with the crazy parade traffic. We were glad to have Glen and his knowledge of the island roads at the wheel.


We hooked up with Steve and Jean who were doing a land excursion in Grand Case and enjoyed time at La California overlooking the water. Unfortunately we got separated from Denise and friends in the crowd and ended up in different restaurants. Not having island cell phones made communications difficult between ship and shore parties.


The next day we made the short trip to Roche Creole, a recommended snorkel spot off of Grand Case. Doug confirmed it was the best he has seen, high marks from a world traveler and sportsman. He says don't miss the north side of the rock. We Mar Azul crew are not big snorkelers and didn't want to brave the cool 79 degree waters.


Doug tried to help desensitize Lady to snorkelers but we did not see any progress. She just can't figure them out and treats them like UFO's.


Next stop, Friar's Bay, a beautiful anchorage dotted with colorful beach umbrellas and two picture perfect beach bars.


Glen and friend Jimmy surprised us with a sea arrival. Bandit is cool with swimmers and snorkelers and gave the warm welcome.


Brothers Glen and Doug, most frequent Mar Azul visitors to date! Our last rendezvous was in May in Luperon.


Doug persuaded me to join him for a hike over the hill to Happy Bay. A pleasant walk but required a short swim to shore in the chilly waters since it was too rough to land the dinghy in the surf. Another gorgeous beach here.


Doug on a morning kayak venture between Marigot and Grand Case


Doug and I hiked the hill to Fort Louis, overlooking Marigot. We could use him aboard to run an exercise boot camp.


Denise and Glen invited us to a wonderful dinner with friends at Karakter, a small beach side restaurant tucked away on the western edge of Simpson Bay. Great company, delicious food and an awesome live soul performance by Dutch singer Ayan Farah


Glen, Jimmy, Bob, Doug enjoying the beach bonfire. A perfect ending to the evening sharing the warmth of the fire in the cool breeze and the sound of the waves gently crashing ashore. A beautiful night to remember. We'll skip the part about Captain Bob's wild dinghy ride across the Lagoon . . . which Doug & I won't forget!


Au revoirs are hard. We will treasure the memories.



  1. Thank you Elaine and Bob for another awesome Mar Azul Adventure. It’s always a blast spending time with you guys. Looking forward to our next rendezvous… Bon Voyage!

    • It was great fun! Hope you can catch up with us again soon!!

  2. It was great to see you again in PARADISE!

    2/11/12 – 2/25/12 may have been the best two week weather stretch we have ever seen in St. Maarten since 1993!

    Thank you for granting permission to board your ship to the wayward snorkelers from Friar Bay! That was a very nice afternoon aboard the Mar Azul, with good friends and COLD BEER!

    We were glad you came over to Karakter to join us for dinner and fun on the beach on Thursday night! That is one of our favorite spots on the island!

    Glad to here that Doug did not hurt you too badly, during the “exercise boot camp”. Hiking to Fort Louis and Happy Bay, kayaking from Grand Case to Marigot, snorkeling around Creole Rock, this all brings me back to the days of Crocodile Rock!

    Well see you soon! glen

    • Thank YOU for bringing the great weather. Since you guys left it has become blustery and cooler with a strong easterly swell. Should be great for the upcoming Heineken Regatta but we will wait for a more pleasant opportunity to take this power vessel onward to Barbuda. It was such fun to see you again and meet Denise and your friends. Will definitely look forward to your next visit to the Mar Azul. I hear that Karakter is opening another spot on Curacao this year . . . who knows, we might decide to take the westerly route and get to check that out.

  3. Karakter is owned by a very special couple from Holland and I am excited to see their new location! Curacao may be a great place for another Rendezvous!

    Stay safe and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime! I will continue to live vicariously through your blog!

    In the meantime, I’ve got 17 weeks until my next return to St, Maarten! This time I get to introduce my grandson to my “homeland”.

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