Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | February 17, 2012

Off to St. Barts!

N 17° 53.00′   W 62° 49′

Anse de Grand Saline, St. Barts


Nearly perfect boating weather accompanied the arrival of Glen & Denise in St. Martin. We Glen in Luperon, while he and our friend Doug were vacationing there, and have kept in touch ever since. Glen is probably our most enthusiastic blog follower and commenter. He vacations frequently in Sint Maarten and was a great resource for us as we got acclimated to the island. We had a delightful evening ashore with Glen and his wife Denise and plan to catch up with them again while they are on the island.

The next day Steve and Jean arrived, our first overnight visitors since we set off on our trip. We decided to take advantage of the outstanding weather and made the several hour trip to St. Barts. Such a luxury to have more hands aboard to help with all the tasks! Steve and Jean are great boating and outdoors people, in addition to being animal lovers. The perfect first visitors to help us acclimate to hosting guests aboard our cozy home.

It has been over ten years since we have been to St. Barts, and the perspective as a yachtsman is, as expected, different than that of a land visitor. The captain checked us in at the busy and crowded main harbor of Gustavia, another easy French customs and immigration process with a session on the computer at the Port Captain’s office. Steve was disappointed that they had no way to stamp his passport.

We took off in search of a good anchorage with a beach for swimming and snorkeling. We found Grand Saline to fit the requirements:  a long sandy beach, rocks for snorkeling, paths for hiking and absolutely gorgeous scenery with views of St. Kitts, Saba and Statia to the south. A stern anchor held the boat into the waves.  It was a little rolly but acceptable for an overnight stay, even though the guidebooks described this as a lunch stop only. Dinghy landings for dog walks were tricky but having extra hands aboard made the task easier.  A chauffeur could mind the dinghy while crew ashore minded the dogs. Steve & Jean liked it so much there we spent two nights . . . and counting . . .   We aren’t sure we will be able to pry them away from this beautiful place.

Grand Saline is one of several nude-optional beaches on the island. For the record, the Mar Azul crew prefer a little more cover. We have rather unattractive “farmers tans” from our t-shirts and shorts and have no desire to get the huge quantity of rays required to even out those stripes!

Steve & Jean from Ft. Myers finally scheduled their long-awaited rendezvous with the Mar Azul

Captain Ahab tending the bow as we depart from the mooring. Such a treat to have great crew aboard!

The passage to St. Barts was pleasant but a little bumpy and the dogs loved the extra attention from Jean during the ride

Celebrated Valentines Day with a surf and turf dinner aboard

We regular crew enjoyed the afternoon on our shaded sundeck then departed for a sunset beach outing

A few mega-yachts arrived at our tranquil anchorage and deployed an array of water toys. The mega yacht dog was escorted to shore via jet ski with a captain and dog walker. The Mar Azul dogs were jealous . . .


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