Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | December 30, 2011


N 18° 03.77′   W 63° 05.31′

Simpson Bay Lagoon, Marigot, St. Martin

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated

Last year at this time our lives were very complicated as we tried to make our cruising dream a reality.  How would we sell our house with the gloomy economy?  Not wanting a storage locker, what would we do with the many possessions accumulated over the years? What items would be essential for us in this new lifestyle? What supplies would be hard to find once we left home and what more should we buy?  How would we possibly fit all this stuff onto the boat? How would we manage personal business and keep in touch while we were away? How to best wrap up or put our careers on hold?

Looking back, the task was overwhelming and I’m not sure how we got it all done. But we did, and on April 2nd our lives took a new and in many ways a simpler course.

As we celebrate the arrival of 2012, our goals are simple.  We hope to continue our journey, experience and appreciate different places and cultures, make new friends along the way, stay connected with friends and loved ones back home and enjoy life to the fullest. And recognizing our human tendencies, we will keep working on the simplicity part.


Bonne Année à tous en 2012

Happy New Year from French St-Martin!



  1. I remember a year ago and hearing your wonderful news!! So happy for you and Bob to be taking this incredible adventure together. Looks like your holidays, while different, have been interesting and enjoyable. Enjoy every day and every adventure to the fullest!!

    • Thanks, Judy! The time has gone by quickly and it’s hard to believe so much has happened in the last year.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where was this picture taken? Looks like a bottle of Sangria on the table! Less than 6 weeks til we join you!

    • The picture was taken at La France, one of the many waterfront cafes near Marina Port La Royale. Some of the restaurants here follow the tradition we experienced many years ago on St. Barts and serve a small complimentary after dinner cordial, usually some type of infused rum. We had gotten to know Stephan, the maitre d’, from our dog walks by the cafe and he always invited us to dine there, so one night we did. He offered $1 = 1 Euro and that helped sway our decision. It was a memorable evening. A big rain shower came through, and Bob tried to rescue their dinner specials sign when it blew into the water. Stephan enjoyed a drink with us, and then left the whole bottle of rum on our table for awhile.

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