Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | November 2, 2011

A Better Flytrap

N 18° 26.5′   W 64° 21.0′

Saba Rock, North Sound, BVI


Flies aboard, as happens from time to time, can be a nuisance. One or two flies below are annoying; more than three and I am ready to close the galley.

One day there were about a dozen flies zooming around the cabin and I was going nuts. I broke the fly swatter in hot pursuit of those elusive critters. We had wasp and hornet spray aboard, but I wasn’t crazy about using those chemicals inside the cabin. So I went online and did a search on how to get rid of flies. Found some creative solutions beyond the traditional bug lights and fly paper.

One idea was to spray them with glass cleaner. It works by stunning and partially drowning the fly so you can go for the kill without them zipping away. I liked that idea since we were at anchor with no stores handy and I had extra bottles of glass cleaner aboard.

There is still some skill involved in sneaking up and surprising the fly while it lights on a hard surface but for me it works better than a fly swatter. When I miss, it is an opportunity to do extra spot cleaning.

On high volume days we name our deceased flies, with names starting with successive letters of the alphabet like tropical cyclones. On a record day we got as far as Raymond.

I’m sure our friends are thinking we have spent way too much time in the sun.


Saba Rock anchorage, BVI's


We left Trellis Bay yesterday for Savannah Bay and ended up coming to Virgin Gorda’s North Sound to escape some strong north swells. Business seems to be picking up here as the busy season approaches. Tonight we are looking forward to catching up with our friends on the Queen Helene, who are also here in the anchorage.

Five more days until the boatyard.



  1. I know this will sound weird….but if you take a zip lock bag and fill it with water – put a penny in it and hang it with string (or fishing line – if you have it lol) you will not have flies to kill. We heard about this at a local outdoor restaurant and tried it last time we smoked pork (always a fly fest) – believe me….no flies at all……they say it has to do with the way their eyes see and it looks like a hornets’ nest (it works better with the penny – but works well without too)

    I would be curious to hear if it works for your situation as well…..

    • That is too funny! I saw the idea about the plastic bag with water (no penny) when I was researching this and thought that was crazy. However we saw it being used at an open air restaurant last week and there were absolutely no flies – although lots of no-see-ums. I’ll have to try it – sounds easier than running around with a spray bottle!

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