Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | October 22, 2011

Pot of Gold

N 18° 18.5′   W 64° 50′

Christmas Cove, USVI


Leinster Bay, St John – The end of the rainbow suddenly appeared one afternoon at this tranquil anchorage when we were here in August. We plan to visit again today en route back to the BVI's.


We didn’t find the legendary pot of gold coins at the end of this rainbow, but we have found many joys in pursuing our dream at this time in our lives.

I thought the captain could help me describe what the “pot of gold” has been for him so far. Normally he has a lot to say, but when answering these sorts of questions becomes a man of few words. His answer was “the whole experience”.

For me the pot of gold has been many things. Having the chance to learn and test the skills needed to be more self sufficient. Catching up on the time together that has been short-changed over the years. Gaining a new perspective from the cultures we have visited. Proving that we can succeed at this different, and at times, challenging experience. Simplifying material possessions and needs. Changing prior habits and finding happiness in new ways. Having a break to recharge and reevaluate life priorities.

The pluses have greatly outweighed the minuses. We feel fortunate to have this opportunity.



  1. Enjoy the BVI’s! Hope your crossing is smooth!

  2. Beautifully said, Elaine. So happy for you and Bob to have this opportunity and take advantage of it. Few have the courage to “go for it”

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