Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | October 19, 2011

St Thomas

N 18° 19.8′ W 64° 56.9

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Mar Azul, anchored on the far right, in Charlotte Amalie harbor. We rented a car and toured St. Thomas yesterday when there were no cruise ships in port.


We were pleasantly surprised with what we found ashore. The people were exceedingly friendly and the island beautiful and well kept.


Empty Yacht Haven Grande marina for megayachts in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Slow season or punishment for increasing gang and drug activity?

Crime statistics on St. Thomas are dreadful with a murder rate 10x the US average. We felt safe everywhere we ventured but were very aware of the island's reputation. Probably the biggest danger to health and well-being we discovered was that Bob's favorite vices – gin & cigarettes – are so cheap compared to home.

View to the north toward the BVI. The vistas from the top of the hills were breathtaking and I regret I did not get good photos. It was hard to find places to pull off along the narrow road. We almost got rear ended once while trying to stop. They drive on the LEFT and we should have done our tour in a clockwise direction.

The biggest RCL ship Allure of the Seas came in this morning and we had fun watching the arrival from the anchorage. Glad we are tucked into an area too shallow for the Allure. She would run aground before running us over.


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