Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | October 9, 2011

Adiós to Puerto Rico

N 18° 04.67′    W 65° 47.8

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico

Flying the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico courtesy flag


We are wrapping up our time in Puerto Rico a little earlier than planned. We made arrangements to have the boat hauled and the bottom painted in early November, and selected a boatyard in the BVI’s instead of Puerto Rico. Our seasonal contract at Palmas is up and we would like to spend more time in Culebra, the USVI’s and British Virgin Islands before we get hauled. A late season hurricane might disrupt these plans and we are keeping our fingers crossed that our good luck with the tropical weather will continue. 

Puerto Rico has been delightful. We have many special memories of this welcoming and beautiful place. The culture with its emphasis on celebrating life, family & friendships might explain why the people in general seem so happy. They claim to observe more holidays than any other place in the world, and celebrate them more thoroughly. We believe them after our short time here! I am sad to leave and will miss the walks through the pretty grounds, the coquis (Caribbean tree frogs) chirping at night, the iguanas sunbathing on the rocks, and the friendly boaters and staff at the marina.

We made one more big shopping venture this week. It makes sense to fill our stores with all the non-perishable items and supplies we can. Prices down island will be more costly for most things, with the possible exceptions of boat supplies and French wines in St. Martin. After our last shopping fiasco we needed to get it right this time. While the results of this trip were better than the last, I am sorry to report that we still need to improve our shopping skills.

We shared our rental car with marina neighbor Dodd, a Sam’s Club member who made sure we were welcome in Sam’s Club this time. We were able to get to all the stores we wanted to visit, and found most of the items we were looking for. We still had trouble keeping track of our rental car. We thought the bright blue Focus would be easy to find, however at one point during the outing we all piled into a bright blue Fiesta by mistake. Oops, how embarrassing. No wonder it wouldn’t start. Bob says this happens to pilots all the time when they are traveling. That’s frightening.

Bob accidentally left his credit card at the rental car counter, and since we weren’t going back there until the end of the day, the charges at each store were put on my credit card. That worked out fine until we got to Ralph’s, our last stop. I carefully chose my purchases and took this precious mega load of groceries through the check-out to find that all the credit cards I had with me were cut off. I didn’t have enough cash to cover the purchase, and the meager amount the store ATM would dispense didn’t cover the rest. I left the store to find Bob and get more cash, and found the guys, who had finished their shopping at Ralph’s an hour ago, outside sitting under a tree, working their way through a six-pack. Bob had the cell phone, we called the bank, and got the card turned on again. Twenty minutes later we were able to retrieve my cart from the check-out line at Ralph’s, where they were so nice and patient with me. I guess this stuff happens all the time? We filled the rental car so full there was barely room for us to get in and headed back to the marina. Whew! Thank goodness they saved a cold one for me.

Now that we are ready to move on, the winds and seas have naturally kicked up again and are forecast to be pretty stiff for the next week. Per the ship’s meteorologist, Monday looks like our best bet for the 5 hour upwind trip to Culebra.    If it still looks acceptable we will leave in the morning.



  1. I work with some friends from Puerto Rico and agree that we should learn from them, the ways to celebrate life and enjoy every moment! You are so lucky having the opportunity to learn from these different cultures!

    I hope the winds continue blowing your way! Most importantly, I know from your blog that you certainly know how to go with the flow and make the best out of any situation!

    Here’s to hoping your trip to Culebra goes smoothly this morning!

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