Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | October 2, 2011


N 18° 04.67′    W 65° 47.8

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico

Bob & I have often commented that it seems strange with all the huge, well equipped sport fish boats here in Puerto Rico that we never see signs of fishing. The boats in Palmas seem to be used for pleasure outings and no one ever comes back with a catch. Under way we occasionally see professional fishermen in very small skiffs, mostly tending traps.

We had to eat our words yesterday – literally – when our dock neighbor came back from an outing with about 20 mahi-mahi. Said they just got lucky.


They were generous and shared their bounty. One of these fish is enough for about half a dozen meals for two.

We thought we would be catching our own fish by now. On the slow-moving trawler the recommended method is to put out trolling lines while under way in deep water. Here in the Caribbean we want to stay away from reef fish since they sometimes carry Ciguatera, a nasty fish-borne poisoning that can cause debilitating neurological symptoms. Mahi, tuna, and other large deep water fish are the desired targets, but more difficult to bring in since the stern of our boat is so high above the water. Climbing down to the narrow swim platform to gaff and haul in a fish in any kind of normal sea conditions doesn’t look worth it to me. Our attention has been focused on navigating safely and comfortably and we just haven’t made experimenting with fishing a priority. Yet.


Nothing beats a FRESH fish dinner. So delicious! We are going to have to get some hands-on fishing lessons.






  1. hey – any time you want some trolling lessons…..let me know. i’m sure alan and i would be happy to join you for a bit and get you started!!

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