Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | September 14, 2011


N 18° 04.67′ W 65° 47.8′

Palmas del Mar

Tropical Storm Maria passed well to the north of Puerto Rico. Maria has been another somewhat puzzling storm for the weather forecasters and we felt some effects here, but not exactly as forecast. Saturday we had strong winds and surge in the marina. Sunday it was amazingly calm all day with no wind, no rain and totally flat seas. On Monday we had torrential rain most of the day and night as the bands on the south side of the storm passed.

There were problems with electric service being interrupted shortly after we arrived at the marina, and they got worse as the storm passed. Most of Monday and Tuesday we had no shore power and had to run the generator to charge the batteries and cook. It was stuffy and miserable since at dock we are more sheltered from the cooling breezes.

Lady got really upset during an electrical storm Monday evening. Most of the tropical weather we have encountered thus far has been wind and rain and the dogs hadn’t experienced a severe thunderstorm in a long time. We ended up giving her a tranquilizer for the first time. But not before a couple of accidents occurred on the carpets that are going to require some major cleaning. Ideally we would remove most of the carpet from the boat, since there are pretty wood floors underneath, but found that without it the dogs have trouble navigating and scratch the wood. I got a washable indoor-outdoor area rug for the main salon, which has proven to be a practical solution. We need to remove the wall to wall carpet in the master suite in favor of something similar.

Keeping our small quarters tidy and odor-free is a never-ending challenge.

This waterspout zipped north along the coast on Monday and passed just to the east of the marina. We were glad to be in port!


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