Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | September 10, 2011

Ready for Maria

N 18° 04.67′ W 65° 47.8′

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico

We took two travel days with 4 – 5 hours under way each day to make the trip back to Puerto Rico from the USVI. Stopped in Culebra and spent the night at the beautiful, well protected Dakity anchorage. The park service there provides free moorings which makes it especially easy to nestle in next to the reef.

While there we spent the afternoon scraping the bottom of the boat. Such fun! I joined in on this chore, helping to scrape the waterline which was covered with a green sea-grass slime that was surprisingly hard to remove. Our bottom paint has served its useful life and is in need of refreshing, an upcoming chore I am not looking forward to, since we will have to move off of the boat while the work is being done.

We visited the nearby Club Seabourne for dinner, a rare gourmet dining excursion. It was a slow night and we and another table were the only diners for the evening.  Neither of us are huge fans of Puerto Rican cuisine, and we were pleasantly surprised with truly outstanding meals. Turns out the chef is French, and the Novo Latino cuisine well reflected his training.

Bob enjoyed rack of lamb, which sadly for him is not one of the Mar Azul's galley selections



Dinner was so good that Bob went to personally find and thank Chef Jose Marie Lopez


Then on to Palmas, arriving on Friday. The ship’s meteorologist is not too concerned about Tropical Storm Maria, which seems to be turning more northerly and breaking up at the moment. We waited until this morning’s weather forecast to make a decision about how to best secure the boat. We decided not to put out the entire complement of hurricane lines, since we shouldn’t have more than 30 – 40 mph winds. Bob feels it is wiser to keep the hurricane lines in top condition in case we need them later for a true hurricane. The chain set-up we use at this marina for the bow lines causes chafe and the lines wear a little every time we deploy them. So we are secured now with a few extra dock lines and ready for the next round of bad weather.



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