Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | August 31, 2011

White Bay

N 18° 26.5′  W 64° 45.5′

We’ve had beautiful weather in the BVI since Irene. There are still few boats out and about and it seems to be an exceptionally quiet slow season.

Passing Salt Island we were surprised to see what looked like new freighter dock facilities. Turns out the Tropic Sun, a container ship, had run aground there the previous night. Coincidentally the grounding it is very close to the Wreck of the Rhone, and that dive site is temporarily closed due to its proximity to this ship.

Another reminder to pay attention to the finer points of navigation. Conditions were calm that night, so it will be interesting to hear the outcome of the investigation.

Spent two nights in The Bight on Norman Island. At one point we were the only boat here other than the famous Willy-T.

The cook enjoyed a night off and dinner at this one-of-a-kind floating restaurant and bar which can be quite a lively place.

We will note for the record there was no jumping from the top deck of the ship during this outing. I thought it would make for a more interesting blog post, but Bob refused to do it.

White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is our all-time favorite anchorage. A beautiful sandy white beach, sparkling turquoise water, the quaint Sandcastle resort & restaurant, Soggy Dollar tropical bar and the twinkling nights of nearby St. Thomas all contribute to it’s appeal. Every visit there was a dream, and we always ventured back each trip to the BVI. White Bay has transitioned over the years from a hidden gem that was off-limits to most charter boats to a popular and often crowded day anchorage.

Then: White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, a favorite photo



Now: Electricity, a few more roads & villas, but still paradise, and not crowded this time of year



Katia is forecast to pass to the east of our location. According to our favorite weather blogger, Dr. Jeff Masters, in less than the first half of this hurricane season we have already had twice the typical number of named storms.  The trend is expected to continue. September is peak month here for tropical activity so weather watching will continue to be a high priority.





  1. White Bay is my new favorite spot on earth! It looks gorgeous!

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