Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | August 27, 2011

Extending in the BVI

N 18° 26.97′   W 64° 31.87′

Trellis Bay, British Virgin Islands

Our friends and family on the US east coast are in our thoughts and prayers as Irene passes by.

Spending so much time on the water heightens awareness of the great forces of nature. Just a few degrees of change in the winds and seas can make such significant differences in conditions. How quickly they can transition from delightful to dangerous.

We are fortunate we only faced a tropical storm and I was glad to be in familiar territory. We hope our cruising friends on the East Coast find safe harbors and fare well.

Leaving Biras Creek, a nice hurricane hole. The dink was well attached for this trip.

We decided to extend our time here since our visit was interrupted with the storm. It is such a wonderful place to visit by boat, and we may not have this opportunity again for a very long time. It was a 3 hour process to travel and visit the immigration office to update our paperwork, and we wondered why we hadn’t just asked for 30 days up front. I found a small market on the way back to the boat and stocked up on some fresh items, so the trip was not a total waste of time.

We were the only boat here for the night in gorgeous Savannah Bay

We have seen minimal storm impact in the BVI’s. There were small mudslides and minor road damage at one of the resorts in the Sound. The most significant damage we heard about was the lightning-generated fire that destroyed billionaire Richard Branson’s residence on Necker Island. It was bad luck that his home was hit by lightning since Irene was mainly a wind and rain event here. We only heard a couple of claps of thunder during the early morning hours. From Sir Richard’s account it sounds like conditions on Necker Island, 2 miles from our storm anchorage, were far more severe than we experienced. His blog is also a more interesting read! 

No celebrity heroines, no naked cactus encounters — the Mar Azul storm experience is dull by comparison. But safe, sound and a good outcome and we’re grateful for that!

Necker Island from the distance, home that burned is on top of the hill and can be vaguely seen with a zoom in

Currently in Trellis Bay, Beef Island & seeing a few more boats here

Marina Cay with Beef Island and Trellis Bay in background. The blue skies are back!

We are watching a new tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa that the models develop as a threat for our area in about 12 days . . .


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