Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | August 19, 2011

Mini-Rendezvous in Cane Garden Bay


N 18° 25.5′ W 64° 39.5′

Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands


It was a treat to catch up with Drs. Marty & Helene on the lovely Queen Helene. We have met some wonderful friends through Defever Cruisers.


Our arrival was well documented and we were under pressure to do a good job retrieving the mooring on the first try

Success! The secret to mooring is to have a good captain who slowly approaches the mooring ball then stops and hovers giving the crew time to hook the line and secure it to the boat. The new super telescoping boathook helps too.


What luxury! Marty provided the water taxi for our visit to the Queen Helene.

We enjoyed a tour and some wonderful hospitality. Cheers!

“Bodyguard man” is a neat addition to the sundeck. We enjoyed hearing about his run-in with the Customs official who thought he was real.

A wonderful meal aboard Queen Helene was another treat. We had dinner on the Mar Azul the next night and by all reports everyone survived.


Thanks to Marty & Helene for the great photography and a delightful time in Cane Garden Bay!


Today we are considering what to do with the approaching tropical wave 97L. Per the super weather models, best case scenario is that Sunday/Monday will be very breezy; worst case is a Cat 1 Hurricane. We will reposition to nearby Sopers Hole this afternoon then check the forecast early tomorrow. Saturday will either check out with Customs and scoot back to the marina at Palmas or head to the Gorda Sound and hunker down for the weather. I’m hoping for the Sound.



  1. Cane Garden Bay looks incredible! I hope you can stay at Gorda Sound. I’ll talk to the Weather Gods and try to steer 97L away from you…. At very least, we’ll keep those winds down to just a breeze! GOOD LUCK!

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