Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | July 28, 2011


 N 18° 17.8′ W 65° 15.3′

Back at Bahia de Almodóvar on a mooring this evening, after spending time at nearby anchorages of Ensenada Fulladoza and Culebrita. The weather forecasters didn’t get it right today, and we have been getting rain showers with very strong gust fronts for most of the day. I am trying to dry a load of laundry which has been a challenge.

Luis' service call to the Mar Azul to repair our navigational computer was a first for him.


The Dell International on site service warranty was worth it. Luis made the trip to Culebra on Monday to continue repairs on our navigational laptop, which will still need another service call to resolve. He had to drive to Fajardo, take a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride, 5 minute taxi ride and 2 minute dinghy ride to meet us at anchor in Ensenada Fulladoza.  We appreciated that he volunteered to come out on a holiday (it was Constitution Day here). Holidays are HUGE in Puerto Rico. Luis is trying to get ahead in his career, and we wish him buena suerte!



On to explore Culebrita. We thought the weather was going to be fine, but a rain squall snuck up on us and kicked up the seas.


A beautiful beach under the lighthouse was tucked away here, but is no secret to the locals. We picked up a mooring and hung out for awhile, enjoying a swim (Elaine) and another book (Bob) before the next shower came through.



It was another one of the dreaded "rolly anchorages" during our visit, so we decided not to spend the night here.


Back to calm, reef surrounded waters at Bahia de Almodóvar. Happy Hour is a favorite time of day for the crew!






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