Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | July 13, 2011

Problem Solved; Palmas del Mar

N 18° 04.67′  W 65° 47.78′

Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico


We are at Palmas del Mar this week, our summer home base near the town of Humacao, Puerto Rico

We are feeling spoiled at this beautiful place


A pretty beach is a short walk away



The mountain peaks of the El Yunque rain forest lie 15 miles to the north


The facilities here are so inviting I have been meaning to get in some pool time, which I rarely do. Today the weather was awesome and the pool closed for cleaning.


The majority of boats here are powerboats. Large sport fishing boats are most popular, and sailing boats and trawlers less so. Everyone wants to go fast. Make note to stay out of their way coming into the narrow entrance channel, as some will zoom by and rock you with a huge wake.


The dogs enjoy their walks, and in the residential areas there are beautifully landscaped grounds to explore. And we don't have to deal with a dozen strays tagging along.


Bandit and Bob like to spot the iguanas and Bandit would love to be free of her leash and give chase


On weekends, the Pussers tiki bar is open, and delicious informal meals grilled and served outside


The mechanical problem last week turned out to be a large piece of black poly line wrapped around the starboard propeller, which was easily removed. No vibration now, no big repair bill, and we are happy about that! We try to avoid running over fishermen’s pots but they can be hard to spot in the waves. Thankfully pots are much less numerous here than on the Gulf Coast of Florida because most of the water is so deep. On a sobering note, we heard that a 46 foot Bertram lost both engines just outside the breakwater here last week, attributed to lines fouling the propellers. The owner made it off the boat before it was destroyed from pounding on the rocks.

Bob is working this week on a hurricane tie system, which he is squeezing in between sci fi and murder mystery books. With pretty good internet service here, I am catching up on correspondence and personal business, and trying to figure out how to get the dogs admitted to the BVI, one of our upcoming destinations. The galley chef also gets no rest most shore days, since we usually dine aboard in this new lifestyle.



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