Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | July 7, 2011


 N 18° 17.50′ W 65° 16.50′

Dakity Harbor, Culebra

We spent the holiday weekend relaxing. The weather wasn’t the best, and rain showers kept us below decks a bit, and also kept us cool. The town of Dewey is charming, with many small guest houses and restaurants. The big attraction here is the beaches. Most people come in via ferry from Fajardo ( a $2 ride), and there is also a short field airstrip providing small plane access. Dewey is quieter than the other waterfront Puerto Rican towns we have visited, and roosters crowing at all hours are the loudest noises coming from shore.


Neighborhood bar near the dinghy dock


Downtown Dewey near the ferry dock


The biggest excitement we had here so far was getting run into by a sailboat one night in the anchorage. A group of three guys came out to a neighboring racing sailboat at sunset. It took them a long time to get disconnected from the mooring. There was lots of yelling in Spanish and we weren’t sure what was going on. Their line was probably wrapped around the boat’s keel. We thought it was odd they were going out at night, and it turned out they were just going for a joy ride within the large harbor. When they came back about an hour later, they had trouble picking up the mooring. Moorings can be tricky, and it was especially difficult as they had no motor and had to sail precisely up to the mooring in the moonless night. They had likely consumed a fair amount of liquid refreshment during their outing which didn’t help the situation. They ended up navigating close to us on several attempts and on one pass got stuck dead into the wind and then ran into the side of our boat when their sails filled again. They were moving slowly and no one was hurt trying to fend off, with a small scratch the extent of the damage. It was still annoying, and a reminder that even sitting peacefully at anchor one can quickly be in harms way.  

The "Tranquilein" provided some excitement in the harbor one evening

We spent two nights at the Dakity anchorage, nestled behind the reef at the entrance to the harbor

We want to get to Culebrita and Flamenco Beach on the north side of the island, but those plans are on hold for the moment as we are having mechanical problems, with an unsettling vibration in the starboard engine. Bob is assessing the situation – transmission vs. running gear vs. propeller? I would include a photo of Bob working in the engine room, but out of respect for the captain will just let you imagine him working there in his underwear (it saves on laundry) in the 100+ degree compartment, tools in hand, contemplating the dilemma.



  1. Hope you figure out the vibration problem and that it turns out to be minor. Enjoying your blog very much. Stay safe and have fun.

    • Thanks, Brad! Bob is still figuring it out, and will need to dive under the boat when the weather clears up to take a peek at the props and running gear.

  2. thank god you did not dress like that when we worked in the engine room.. ahab

    • Yes, that would not have been so good . . . We could use you here Captain Ahab. More generator problems today (the new one, do you believe it?) and the main head is out of order and needs dismantling for diagnosis. Ewwww!!!

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