Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | June 24, 2011

Ponce to Salinas, Puerto Rico

 N 17° 57.79′    W 66° 17.63′

Salinas, Puerto Rico

We arrived in Salinas this morning after spending a week in Ponce. Other than a quick dog walk, we have not yet explored the area.

Ponce was a beautiful town, and we enjoyed our stay at the Yacht Club. It turned out to be an informal place, and we met some very nice people representing many nationalities who welcomed us into their facility, even though we were only staying a week. They all really loved and recommended Ponce as a great place to live. There is a lively boardwalk park area across from the marina with eateries and live music most nights. As we found in a couple of the other waterfront towns, they like the music REALLY LOUD, and even on the boat all the way across the harbor, it was pretty loud but provided a lively atmosphere. The only problem was when two different bands played at the same time it didn’t sound so good. We visited the boardwalk before the musicians started playing.

We used the time at a marina to get caught up on chores that are more easily done at a dock. I finished the dinghy chaps project, which requires fashioning Sunbrella fabric around curved dinghy tubes, and was glad to get that sewing project behind me. As expected, I now have some good ideas to improve upon the next set of chaps which I hope are not needed any time soon.

It was also time to defrost the freezer, another fun chore. We ideally would have a frost-free marine grade freezer, but with so many boat projects competing for funds we opted to keep an inexpensive small household unit on deck, knowing that it would be more frequently replaced. The defrosting went pretty well until it was time to turn the freezer back on, and we found it had stopped working. Fortunately Bob is pretty handy, and figured out and repaired the problem. Which was a good thing, because my brief research found that getting a small freezer that fit our specifications same day in Ponce was going to be a problem.

Then on to provisioning. I find shopping in new places fun, and enjoy trying locally produced items. Storing it in small and weird compartments on the boat and keeping up with my inventory system is the not-so-fun part. We found the local Santiago’s Cash and Carry (with “C’s” not “K’s” and they didn’t require cash) that specialized in bulk goods at great prices, so loaded up. Then went to the Pueblo supermarket to pick up the remaining odds and ends and fresh produce. Even with Bob’s help, shopping and storing everything took almost the entire day. It was a luxury to have a rental car and the boat at a dock to facilitate transporting all the stuff.

After leaving Ponce, we spent a day at Isla Caja de Muertos, Spanish for “Coffin Island”. The Spanish name sounds better to me. It is a beautiful park island, and was deserted except for a few park rangers until a small ferry arrived with a group of kids for a day visit. This location was not as protected from the seas and the roll in the anchorage got worse as the day progressed.  We both ended up not feeling so good. We didn’t try to launch the dinghy for a shore visit since we had a previous bad experience under similar conditions (resulting in a ding in the hull), and didn’t feel up to testing our new and improved dinghy launching techniques.

It was a rough 3 ½ hour trip in to Salinas this morning despite our early travel schedule, so we are recuperating a bit. Internet speed is not looking good, so I will be lucky to get a few words posted and will leave the photos for a better connection.



  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed Ponce! Glad things are going smoothly! Looking forward to more pictures!

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