Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | June 16, 2011

La Parguera to Ponce, Puerto Rico

N 17° 57.82′   W 66° 37.00

Ponce, Puerto Rico

We arrived in Ponce (“PONE-say”) yesterday. Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico, located on the southern coast of the island. You can check our location by clicking on the Google map link under the OUR ROUTE tab.

After a HOT, HOT, HOT week in Puerto Rico with no rain, we are getting deluged with a free boat wash. We are docked at the Ponce Yacht Club, a facility that offers inexpensive transient slips to non-yacht club members. They seem friendly and informal, although the paperwork we received on check-in mentions some foo foo rules that one might expect in a yacht club: guests can’t use the pool and tennis courts, no dogs allowed off the boats, paid crew must use a back counter when ordering food. We doubt they really enforce all this stuff, but are keeping a low profile when we walk the dogs.

Since the last post, we explored La Parguera, a unique settlement with waterfront dwellings called casetas built on the mangroves.

The mangrove waterfront is packed with these colorful, charming little homes. Most seem to be used as vacation homes, and some are available for rent.


The casetas are controversial, untitled properties and technically illegal, although they are metered for utilities, supposedly taxed, and can be bought & sold


We found this dinghy dock to explore the town. View of anchorage with Mar Azul in the distance.


Ashore, Managed Medicare is alive and well in this little town.

We left La Parguera on Tuesday and stopped at the mangrove island of Cayo Aurora, also known as “Gilligan’s Island”, and enjoyed the scenic, well-protected anchorage.


Dozens of visitors arrived at Gilligan's Island by ferry, and we can only imagine how busy it must get on the weekends.


Lady was introduced to the Doggie Dock so she can swim off the boat. She got the hang of it quickly, but gave Mom heart failure when she took off after her ball that floated WAY downwind. She is a strong swimmer, but next time we'll have the dinghy ready to assist if needed.

We have been traveling this coast in the early morning hours with short hops, as recommended by Bruce Van Sant, to take advantage of the night lee and have a smoother passage. We try to depart shortly after sunrise, and schedule arrivals at the next port before 9 am. That strategy has worked out well.

The winds are forecast to get above 15 – 20 mph over the next week, so we will stay put here rather than face an upwind battle. Ponce is recommended as a good spot for shopping and provisioning, and we will use this opportunity to refresh our supplies. Bob has a rental car ready to roll! We also have a couple of boat projects that will be easier to handle in a marina. I am sewing dinghy chaps, a second-skin-like cover to protect the dinghy, and fittings will be easier when we aren’t using the dinghy for shore transportation. Bob is re-mounting several pieces of equipment that were temporarily installed before departure and need permanent homes. He is also repairing the air conditioning system in the aft cabin, which got plugged up and leaked water on my clothes that share that compartment. Grrrr!!! When it stops raining, I have a mess to dry out.





  1. Looks so beautiful !! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your trip. Stay dry and safe !

    Guess what…..I actually passed the CRRN exam last Friday, 6/10th….I was very shocked.

  2. Glad to hear things are going well. You are making me want to stretch my horizons!


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