Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | May 28, 2011

Luperón – Bruce Van Sant

N 19° 53.9296′  W 70° 57.1537′

Bruce Van Sant is the authority on sailing from Florida to the Caribbean. He spent a lifetime on the water and authored several excellent guides on sailing comfortably against the strong trade winds. We studied his works before departure and reread them en route. His analysis of the unique island weather patterns and recommendations have been helpful, and we enjoy his humorous writing style. Bruce has retired and lives ashore in Luperón. We found his contact information on his website and invited him and his wife Rosa to visit Mar Azul while we were in town.

As an American who has spent most of his life traveling and working all over the world, Bruce has a fascinating perspective on life, politics and different cultures. Rosa is a businesswoman who has worked in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, in addition to traveling the seas with Bruce for many years.   Land-based now, they have made many contributions to the local community and have helped to develop the cruising base here.  Bob & Bruce share a love of spirited conversation; Rosa is a gracious hostess and most knowledgeable about the area. We enjoyed several afternoons with them during our time here, and got to visit their beautiful home, Kembali, overlooking the town and sea.

Friends at home might find Bruce’s experience with medical care in the Dominican Republic and abroad of interest:

View from Bruce & Rosa's home, Kembali, which means "back to the land".



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