Posted by: rosyroadsadventures | May 4, 2011

Sand Dollar Beach, Stocking Island, George Town, Bahamas

Dinghy entrance to shopping in George Town

Took time in George Town to further organize and inventory the boat, which has been messy since moving aboard. Containers and loose items filled the front cabin, the flybridge was overflowing and finding things we needed was getting frustrating. We spent the better part of two days updating our inventory spreadsheets and reorganizing. Part of the challenge is that usable storage space on a boat can be hard to get to. You want to be sure that you know exactly where to go before you start pulling everything out of a locker searching for a particular item. But we made progress and there is room now for one small guest in the front cabin. Still have more to do.

Jean & Dick on a neighboring boat invited us for dinner one night. We met them at Staniel Cay through the DeFever group, and found ourselves anchored close by in George Town. They have a beautiful 80 foot Grand Alaskan, which at about twice the size of our boat is well equipped with most of the luxuries of home, including a large galley with full size appliances, spacious living quarters and a thriving herb garden. It makes our boat feel very modest by comparison. They made the trip here the same day we did, with the heavier boat providing a smoother ride. They served a wonderful gumbo dinner on their sundeck, and we enjoyed meeting their friends Lori and Richard from a neighboring boat. Saw a huge sea turtle diving in the anchorage, and celebrated sunset by tooting a locally made conch horn. I am going to have to get one of those!

These folks have cruised here to and from New York for many years, and shared helpful information about the area and boatkeeping in general. Their boat was amazingly spotless given its size, dog and cat aboard, and no deck hands aboard other than Jean & Dick. I am struggling with keeping things clean. Salt constantly collects on the windows, we track sand in from the beach trips, and dog hair gets stuck on everything. We are careful about our water consumption, so don’t usually turn on the hose on to wash down the boat. We have a small water maker which is a luxury, but first priority is water for drinking, cooking and showering. Bob keeps a close eye on our consumption of power and water 🙂

We are watching the weather for the next passage south, likely to Long Island in the South Bahamas.

– Elaine



  1. sounds like an awesome trip so far!!

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